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Flowers and plants are abundant and certainly part of our everyday lives. Besides the convenience of taking pictures in close proximity to your home, photographing flowers and plant life is an enriching experience as you have the ability to capture some great colours, textures and also an ability to use these pictures to enhance the look and feel of your own home. Some of the most unexpected shots of insects have started with me setting up to shoot some flowers. I sometimes use a tripod and some lighting but many of my shots are using natural light and are handheld as in my view the more hand held shots you take the steadier your hand gets.
Red'n wetPetalsAfter the rainRed, Red, RedAloneRoseUnpickedPink, with dropletRed RoseUpstandingFoldsNearly openAntiqueStanding out from the crowdSide showBrightIn full bloomPainted and polishedPretty pinkLooking down