I am an avid amateur photographer with a keen interest in wildlife, macro and travel photography. I particularly love capturing memorable moments and sharing views and enjoy capturing the facial expressions of animals and smaller creatures when I am lucky enough for them to allow me within range.
I am Johannesburg based and have been happily married to Janet for more than twenty years and have 3 children. Through my own interests, Janet's interest in architecture and interior design and the different interests of my three children, the oldest Sean, a pilot, my daughter Lara an accomplished horse rider and exceptionally talented singer and my youngest Daniel, whose interests revolve around sports and digital design and gaming, I have been exposed to a variety of opportunities to photograph these interest in one way or another.
My style and philosophy when it comes to photography is to keep it simple, enjoy and capture the moment and take pictures I enjoy taking, on many occasions based on instinct and not always planned. I enjoy the challenge of macro photography, action shots, simple scenes which can be used as prints and of course anything to do with nature and wildlife.
I am self taught although I have been exposed to working with other amateur (and on occasion) pro photographers and thoroughly enjoy reading a range of photographic magazines, especially those which contain professional's tips and feedback on amateur photographers submissions.
I use Canon and have three bodies, a 1DX mark II a 5D mark IV and 7D mark II and a range of lenses ranging from a 100mm macro, a 85mm f1.2, a 70-200mm f2.8, as well as 300mm, 400mm and 600mm prime lenses.