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Wandering around parks or even your own garden offers opportunities for unusual, and sometimes very simple but attractive shots. The beauty of close up and macro photography is that, more often than not you are able to choose your angle to create slightly different perspectives.
It is truly amazing how many interesting creatures lurk in close range and also how close up's of flowers and plants provide great colour, texture and unexpected degrees of complexity and contrast. I particularly enjoy varying the depth of field and achieving dreamy backgrounds or where background detail exists incorporating interesting bokeh.
Several of my pictures of flowers are on the walls of our home as framed prints, some in colour and some in sepia.
Green mantidGreen mantidGreen mantidLacewing - in the gardenLacewing - in the gardenLacewing - in the gardenGathering nectarDragon flyDragon flyDragon fly - TigertailTiger tailLadybirdLadybird eating AphidsAphid eatingFeastingSilvery reflectionFlyFancy dressHardly disguised!Dazzling